What a Difference a Rug Makes

This might be one of my favorite topics ever. Interiors, decor, design, aesthetics, colors, textures, creating energies and lifestyles, telling stories and all that thru a rug. Yes that's right...I said a rug. Here's why, consider for a moment what you first notice when walking into someone's home. You may not entirely realize it but it's the simple things that create the ambiance. White walls are sterile until styled. Frames, photos, photography, art or any memorabilia can give one a glimpse into your soul (no big deal). A simple sofa is just that simple, but add a cozy throw blanket and a few fabulous pillows (purchased from your favorite corner of the world) and guess what you've created. LIFE! Now back to WHAT A DIFFERENCE A RUG MAKES. 

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Personally, I love Turkish rugs and equally, I love wandering the bazaars of Istanbul admiring the rich beautiful colors, unique patterns, and soft quality textures. I also love a Persian rug, probably the single most expensive home decor purchase I've ever made. It was second hand and I got it on eBay but let me tell you the first thing people notice when they walk into my place, my fabulous rug(s). Now you don't have to break the bank. With rugs, it's always colors and patterns that tell the story. A simple clean space can be entirely transformed. If you're wondering where to find these amazing pieces look no further I've included a list of a few of my personal favorites.  Rugs woven from all over the world, vintage, handmade, absolutely one of a kind and very much affordable. 

Best part is rugs aren't just reserved to the typical living, bedroom or common area spaces anymore. They make great alternatives in bathroom's and kitchens, adding pops of life and warmth to an otherwise sterile space. Gone are the days of the boring bath mat, give your bathroom a makeover and replace it with a small accent rug. If your pieces are priceless do keep a shower mat nearby, keep your rugs dry and don't forget a non slip pad to prevent any spills. 

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Your kitchen isn't exactly where you would imagine putting your favorite rug. It's risky business when cooking and cleaning, splatter and spills are inevitable. Maybe opt for the not so fancy piece or I would recommend more patterned and in darker colors. A rug can add so much style brightening up the barest of spaces. If your kitchen is primarily white then any color will give it life. Or if you're working with darker cabinetry and wood accents then consider contrasting colors, the variation can bring character making a world of difference.  An added bonus is a cleaner kitchen, imagine the extra care that you take when you have fabric at your feet that you're trying to protect. Not to mention keeping your toes cozy and body warm from the cold kitchen tile.

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As promised I've included a few of my favorite style sites, bloggers and designers, selling unique, authentic, affordable rugs sourced from around the world and delivered to your very front door.  Not finding what you're looking for or just looking for more options to explore...well I have plenty more. Feel free to leave me a message in the comments below or shoot me an email. 

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  5. Shoppe Amber Interiors


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