Westsides Best Farmers Markets

One of my favorite parts of the Westside and most especially living in Santa Monica is our access to all the amazing Farmers Markets. A destination for decades the Farmers Markets have grown in popularity and in variety, a habit I quickly and happily adopted. Not only contributing to our notoriously healthy lifestyles but also supporting our community while scoring some very rare finds. Every weekend I look forward to scouring the streets for colorful, locally grown produce, flavorful spices, the scent of fresh blooming florals, homemade honey, teas, candles, cheeses to die for, you name it...and sometime stumbling upon some amazing talented local designers and artisans. Here are just a few of my favorites...

 Farm to Table Buy Locally

Farm to Table Buy Locally

 Santa Monica

Santa Monica

Ok so I may be a bit bias. I can walk while enjoying the breeze in my hair, the Vitamin D on my skin, generally before or after a quick workout in the abundance of workout studios on every corner...(ok so you get my point). Do be prepared to endure the throngs of people tho but this Downtown Santa Monica staple for 3 decades is not for no reason. Be sure to stop by and check in for all the hype. Wednesday's and Saturday's from 8:30am - 1:30pm. Should you see me and I hope you do please be sure and say hi! 

Location: Arizona Avenue between 2nd and 4th Streets, Santa Monica, CA

2. Brentwood Farmers Market

This Farmers Market is another favorite among locals and visitors alike. Every Sunday 9:00am - 2:30pm expect an explosion of vendors (and traffic of course). From fresh fruit and veggies but most notably baked goods, gourmet sweets and savories. Also a favorite for art and artisan enthusiasts wether buying or selling definitely one to check out. Not to mention great for kids and families. Grab a juice or coffee at one of our renowned coffee/juice spots just down the street. Don't be surprised should you have your favorite celebrity sitting either. 

Location: 741 Gretna Green Way, Los Angeles, CA 90049

3. Mar Vista Farmers Market

Just as Mar Vista has exploded in value and popularity as far as Real Estate so has it's Farmers Markets (to say the very least). Launched in August of 2006, now well over a decade this particular Farmers Market has certainly managed to create a name and most definitely set themselves apart. Sunday's from 9am- 2pm and complete with all your enticing varieties, expect to also find a DJ spinning music to match your mood, dog sitters to distract while sampling some goodies and perhaps some other surprises too. A must see. 

Location: 3826 Grand View Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90066

How We Give Back...and how to get involved. 

Stocksy Farmers Market.jpg

If everything the Farmers Markets already offered wasn't enough here's another reason to get excited. There are a number of organizations dedicated to rescuing unused produce from being disposed but instead preserving and placing back into the community. How many of us are guilty of disposing of food we couldn't quite get too before it was spoiled. Or a meal that was intended as leftovers but ended up as waste. Homelessness, hunger and food waste are topics we are all too familiar with but how many of us are actually trying to make the difference. On the Westside WE DO. Dozens of volunteers gather post Farmers Markets to collect the unused produce that's then weighed, loaded and delivered to the various local food pantries and agencies whose mission is to serve those in need. Should you find yourself wondering what to do on a random Saturday afternoon...get involved! 

Below are a few helpful sites...













Welcome to Westside Neighbor

Welcome to Westside Neighbor

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